Slimane Ouakka

Université de Mons


Slimane was born in Morocco in 1991 and moved to Italy when he was 5. He graduated from the University of Bologna in the faculty of Building Engineering. At the same institution, he got his Master in Civil Engineering with the thesis entitled “On the Static Strength of Tubular Joints”. Following his master, he spent 6 months as a Visiting Researcher at the Wind Energy Center at the University of Massachusetts. After that, he joined Limitstate ltd in Sheffield, a company developing software for Civil engineering usage, with the position of Research Engineer and at the same time as a Researcher at the University of Sheffield.

He joined the Inspire Project because he believes and wants to collaborate in a project that aims to improve the damages coming from vibration sources, and at the same time, being a part of a leading group in Europe.

During his free time, Slimane loves to travel, learn languages and play different sports!