Miltos Kontogeorgos



Miltos was born in Athens, Greece in 1993. He graduated from the department of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens where he specialized in soil-​structure interaction and earthquake engineering. In his diploma thesis he investigated the effect of accounting for soil plasticity in the calculation of seismic forces that apply in structures founded on rigid caissons ultimately aiming to demonstrate the virtues of a new anti-seismic design philosophy.

During his studies, he worked as intern in geotechnical consulting where he emphasized in the usage of computational and numerical approaches for the solution of engineering problems.

Miltos’ participation in INSPIRE is driven by the novelty of the project concepts. His aim is to produce new methods and approaches of high reliability for the protection of structures through the investigation of metamaterials and their use within the soil-foundation-structure system. He believes that novelty and higher reliability is earned by the conquest of our time’s knowledge and its expansion and this is what he believes this project is providing as a chance.