Fabrizio Aloschi

Ingenieurgesellschaft Dr.-Ing. Fischbach mbH


Fabrizio comes from Naples, Italy. He obtained his Master’s degree in structural and geotechnical engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”. This engineering school has a great tradition rooted in civil engineering, especially in the field of seismic engineering. He defended the thesis in the field of tall buildings by developing a stiffness-based procedure for the preliminary design of outrigger braced structures. Shortly after the graduation he won a scholarship as part of the Exchange Risk project and spent a period of 4 months at the VCE company in Vienna as a researcher in the field of seismic engineering.

Fabrizio’s participation in INSPIRE aims to carry out highly relevant works for the European and Intercontinental scientific community. The main goal is the theoretical and experimental consolidation of novel (meta) materials and innovative soil-structure techniques for the protection of structures, starting from conventional design approaches to develop new ones.

Fabrizio is fan of auteur cinema. He likes traveling, especially in pristine places. Fabrizio is a sociable person who likes so much to make new friends. He is madly in love with the football.

Basone, F., Bursi, O.S., Aloschi, F. (ESR10), Fischbach G. Vibration mitigation of a MDoF system subjected to stochastic loading by means of hysteretic nonlinear locally resonant metamaterials, Scientific Reports, Vol. 11: 9728.
Aloschi F. (ESR10), Bursi O.S., Palermo A., Marzani A., Dispersion analysis of periodic structures performed by applying experimental Floquet-Bloch conditions to the unit-cell, 7th European Conference on Structural Control, Warsaw, Poland, July 12th to July 15th 2020 (postponed to July 2021 due to Covid-19)


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