Zinon Chatzopoulos

Università di Bologna


Zinon was born in Athens, Greece in 1995. He graduated from the School of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in July 2019 (5-year Diploma),where he defended his Thesis in the field of Computational Mechanics, including Boundary and Finite Element Techniques for the local Buckling Analysis of Beams, under the supervision of Prof. Evangelos Sapountzakis. During his undergraduate studies, he co-authored and presented two papers at national and international conferences. He has also interned with G. Papamichail Mitakidi & Partners Architectural Design Office, based on Psychico, Athens. His research interests are in Structural and Soil Dynamics, as well as Wave propagation combined with Meta-materials and Mathematical Models. He believes that, Meta-materials are a novel idea that can be implemented in the Soil-Foundation-Structure principles, creating a bulwark for the future structures.

With his participation in the ITN European Training Network INSPIRE, Zinon aims to produce high quality research and develop new concepts in the design of seismic cloaks, enforced by meta-materials properties. capable of enervating the effects of surface waves and ground induced hazards.

In his spare time, Zinon enjoys Mathematical puzzles and problems, weightlifting and running.