This final layer includes novel integrated design concepts for innovative high impact applications. The following 6 applications are foreseen:

  • ESR10 – Develop a modular, broad-band 3D approach (“META-PIPES”) for the protection of piping systems and associated structures from all sources of seismic and other related hazards and excitations

  • ESR11 – Conceptual design of an artificial material – “META-GRAVEL” designed to present desirable broadband properties in 3D and low-frequency attenuation. Its primary application is to provide a layer able to protect long and distributed structures (e.g. underground pipes, tunnels, building foundations, irrigation-channels, rails, roads/”meta-asphalt’, etc) from earthquakes and strong shocks and blasts.

  • ESR12 – Development of novel pier foundation concepts for the seismic protection for bridges. The latter will enable the functions of conventional seismic isolators while permitting controlled rocking motion at the base of a bridge pier.

  • ESR13 – Integration of different meta-material concepts towards the development of a novel rail/sleeper/ballast concept that will allow advanced wave inhibition measures along the rail. These may include the implementation of locally resonant meta-materials inside the sleepers in combination with granular metamaterials (e.g. “dark breathers”).

  • ESR14 – Development of new-generation acoustic barriers using arrays of appropriate pillar designs based on appropriate phononic disordered concepts.

  • ESR15 – Development of low-cost acoustic panels (for applications to floors or ceiling) with enhanced performance in the low frequency range.

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