Design and demonstration of novel meta-material concepts for wave mitigation in soil. The first layer (“Meta-Soil”) foresees measures for treating the soil which circumscribes the structures, rendering the structures fully or partially isolated from the effect of the incident ground waves from all directions. “Meta-Soil” includes a spectrum of wave mitigation measures based on extended meta-material concepts, such as cloaks or properly designed pile arrays/”artificial forests”, which enable diversion of seismic and other low frequency waves, or advanced energy dissipation mechanisms, such as “rainbow traps”. The research work is divided in 5 individual research tasks as follows:

  • ESR01 – Design of classes of mechanisms to be inserted into foundation piles. The envisaged mechanisms may include energy absorbing-dissipating microstructures based on properly stressed tensegrity elestomer structures, appropriate negative stiffness “anti-springs” and multi-resonant cellular cores, as well as liquid dissipating media.

  • ESR02 –ESR03 – Development of configurable pile arrays for the efficient protection of buildings against low-frequency ground-induced vibration and the effects of seismically induced Rayleigh waves.

  • ESR04 – In depth investigation of geometric transforms in order to make research advances in the design of seismic cloaks.

  • ESR05 – Numerical and Experimental Demonstration of a urban scale soil-foundation-structure scheme integrating a spectrum of meta-soil concepts to provide seismic protection at a community level. ESR01 to ESR04 will support and participate in this activity and will provide results and samples of their individual designs to be tested.

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