This layer applies and demonstrates novel meta-material and other related absorber concepts or the design of foundations and support systems to protect structures against broad-band excitation in all three spatial directions. The research work is divided in 4 individual research tasks as follows:

  • ESR06 Conceptual design of micro-structured materials based on elements subject to frictional forces and capable of self-oscillating under a steady-state input.

  • ESR07 Analysis of non-linear physical mechanisms, based on unstable dynamic potentials, which lead to “negative stiffness forces”. Applications to the protection of monuments and high-rise slender structures.

  • ESR08 Conceptual Design and development of  seismic isolation bearings for structures and large assets based on additively manufactured elastomer/steel pentamode materials confined between steel stiffening plates.

  • ESR09 Conceptual design and development of seismic and low-frequency protection devices exploiting the 3D ‘negative stiffness’ concept.

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